Entrepreneurs who reach out to Shah IP Law, PLLC are often frustrated with the patent process.  After spending thousands of dollars and years in front of the Patent Office, they feel like they obtained nothing more than a very expensive piece of paper.  It doesn’t have to be that way.


Patent strategy—when done right—should complement your business and help you achieve the business outcomes that you are pursuing. The patent strategy for a company that is seeking to close a funding round in the near term should be dramatically different from a company that is looking for exit opportunities in the medium term. Your patent strategy should depend on your funding needs, your exit strategy, your competitors, your specific market, the innovation lifecycle in your field, and the identity of your potential acquirers and your customers, just to name a few.


Shah IP Law, PLLC is uniquely qualified to consider all of these factors and craft a business driven strategy that will help you obtain your business objectives.  Scroll below to learn more.


* Includes clients represented while employed at other law firms.


Top-Tier Experience

Samar Shah, the founder and managing partner of Shah IP Law, developed his legal expertise by building patent portfolios for fast growing tech companies such as Facebook and Google while working at some of the most elite and exclusive law firms in Silicon Valley, California.

Hands-on Guidance

Clients choose to work with Shah IP Law because they want legal expertise of a top lawyer historically found only at some of the largest and most prestigious law firms in the country, but need “hands-on” guidance from an attorney who will spend time understanding their unique business and legal challenges.

360 Degrees of Expertise

Samar Shah has  significant experience in every facet of intellectual property protection and valuation.

As a former patent litigator, he understands how patents are litigated in front of judges and juries in a courtroom.

As a patent valuation analyst, he understands how patents are valued by businesses and investors.

As a patent prosecutor, he understands how to get patents to issuance.



Shah IP Law is not just a patent law firm; it is a patent strategy law firm. Our dual focus on protecting your invention, and building a portfolio that will maximize your company’s valuation sets us apart from our peers.  For example:

If your goal is to sell your company in five years,
 we will craft your patent portfolio to position your company for maximum valuation at the time of sale by ensuring that you have a maximum number of allowances at that time.

 If your goal is to improve the competitiveness of your product in a crowded field,
 then we will craft your patent portfolio by focusing your claims on the benefits that your customers derive from your product. Patents that focus on the specific features of your product will invite design around opportunities from your competitors and dilute your market position over time.

 If your goal is to license your invention as quickly as possible,
then we will select and recommend an entirely different patenting strategy.


The permutations are endless. But we ensure that your patent strategy supports—and enhances—your business goals. Patents, after all, are business assets, and should be very closely aligned to your business strategy to help you obtain maximum ROI.



We think and act like your in-house counsel.  The attorneys at Shah IP Law, PLLC meet with all of our clients on a monthly or a quarterly basis to make sure that their patent strategy remains thoroughly aligned with their business strategy.  Our clients love this practice so much that we offer these meetings to all of current clients at no cost to them.


We are fanatically data driven. Shah IP Law was purpose built to take advantage of sophisticated data analytics  and leverage “big data” to maximize our clients’ odds of obtaining a patent,  minimize patent-pending time, and obtain broad claim coverage.


We hate hourly billing as much as you do.   At Shah IP Law, we have replaced the billable hour fee model with a fixed-fee model so that you can focus on your business without having to worry about cost overruns and uncertainties.  Moreover, in an effort to bring transparency to the legal marketplace, we have open-sourced many of our legal forms so you don’t have to worry about paying for routine legal work.


We are our clients’ biggest supporters.  The attorneys at Shah IP Law approach every engagement with deep curiosity about our clients’ technology and their businesses.  In the process, we often end up genuinely caring about our clients’ causes.  We take great pride in being our clients’ business partners and their evangelists-in-chief.


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